Exceptional Unmanned Services

Tailored to Your Needs

We provide a full-range of unmanned services driven from the information you need. While our current focus is in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) we are also able to utilize unmanned water or land devices, as well as a range of mission-specific sensor packages. Our team includes seasoned drone and manned aviation pilots, PhD's in remote sensing, GIS/IT professionals, engineers, and other specialists key to deploying effective unmanned services - with a network of partners designed to further compliment our in-house skill set.

General and Sector-Specific Solutions

Leveraging a few key UAV use cases, we have developed a range of unmanned service solutions for a wide range of industry, governmental, and non-profit sectors.

Sector-by-sector information pages will be available soon - however interestingly enough most of our solutions are developed on-top of a few core UAV mission profiles listed below.

Eye In the Sky

In many cases, simply having a flexible and high-resolution visual camera in the sky is the goal. Live feeds, recording HD or even 4K video, and capturing high-resolution (>20MP if required) stills are core abilities of UAVs today.

3D Modelling - 'Birds-Eye View'

With a visual camera pointed straight down (nadir), our UAVs capture a series of still photos covering a geo-tagged area of interest with location information. Using photogrammetry, these 2D images generate a detailed and highly accurate 3D model of the area. Based on this 3D model high-resolution, geo-referenced orthorectified images can be generated, as well as digital surface models (DSMs).

Post-processing can include the addition of surveyed ground control points for further spatial accuracy, or using the DSM to generate volumetric information, not to mention importing the data into GIS systems for a wide range of value-added analyses.

3D Modelling - Single Object

Very similar to the creation of 'birds eye view' 3D models, UAVs can also be used to fly in a circular/corkscrew pattern around a single object of interest to create a highly detailed 3D model (e.g. buildings, utility/cell towers, other infrastructure, etc.). Using this model virtual inspection, management, design, planning, or other modelling services may be performed.

Plant Health

Due to the behaviour of plants (and specifically chlorophyll), an actionable proxy for overall plant health is available from a sensor able to capture information in the near infrared (NIR) electromagnetic spectrum, combined with information in at least a portion of the visual wavelengths. Using UAVs, we are able to generate colour-coded vegetation maps that highlight areas of plant stress, as well as can serve as inputs into more complex precision agricultural workflows.

Custom Applications

Beyond the core applications mentioned, UAVs are simply a new remote sensing platform able to integrate in a host of interesting sensor packages. Thermal sensors provide the ability to perform energy audits, have applications in agriculture, inspections, and even in sub-surface infrastructure location. Multispectral, and even hyperspectral sensors can offer key advantages in precision agriculture, or in mineral exploration. Magnetometers may be integrated on UAVs, providing key data for resource exploration or general research. RF tracking devices can assist with wildlife management, etc. UAVs are powerful tools for a wide range of applications.